Multiple teeth implants

What are Multiple Teeth implants?

Multi teeth implants or an ‘implant supported bridge’ is when three or more teeth need to be replaced. Usually, two implants can be placed to support three teeth giving the name ‘dental implant bridge’. The bridge is screwed in and not removable just like real teeth.

A video of how Multiple Teeth implants work:


Procedure sequence

At your first appointment we will meet with you and make sure you understand what is involved in the dental implant process. A thorough check of the implant site will be conducted to determine the best treatment option. We will also take X-rays and prescribe a 3D CBCT scan to plan your implant digitally.

At this appointment we will place the implants in the mouth. The dental implants will then be left to heal for around 3-4 months. During this period of time the bone slowly ‘fuses’ to the implants. This is painless procedure which is done under local anaesthetic. You generally do not feel any sharpness or pain during the entire process. For our more anxious patients , IV sedation is available and so is Nitrous oxide.

We will conduct a review around 1-2 weeks after the placement of the implant. At this appointment we will check to ensure the healing process is going smoothly and also to remove any stitches that may have been placed.

After 3 – 4 months we will then check the integration and stability of the implants. At the same appointment we will then either take a 3D digital scan of your jaw with our Trios Scanner or take traditional impressions/moulds of your jaw. The purpose of this is to capture the position of the implant.

These scans or impressions will then be sent to a laboratory. The laboratory will then hand-make the dental implant bridge or “teeth” to fit your mouth exactly. Usually the teeth /bridges are made out of ceramic materials that are very strong, aesthetically pleasing and do not stain over time

At this appointment we will insert the bridge and make sure that it fits your mouth and bite precisely. Congratulations, you have a new set of teeth!

A dental bridge generally compromises of 2 or more dental implants which support a fixed set of 3 or more teeth.

How much does Multiple Teeth implants cost?

At Queensland Dental Implants, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our costs. For an accurate quote please book a consultation with one of our dentists to enquire more about your specific situation.

Treatment starting from 9000