How much are dental Implants?

Dental implant therapy differs depending on the circumstances of each patient. Some of our prices are given below. Because each patient’s circumstance is unique and different, the prices provided below are simply a guide. After we have analysed all of your records, we will give you with a more personalised quote.


  • Single Implant + Final Crown (Back tooth) $4500+
  • Single Implant + Final Crown (Front tooth) $5500+
  • All-on-4® (A full set of teeth supported by 4 implants) from $15,000-$35,000


  • Sinus grafting process starting from $700
  • Guided bone regeneration starting from $700

Do Health Funds Cover The Cost Of Dental Implants?

Yes, if you have extras on your health fund and major dental your health fund will cover some costs of dental implants. To confirm this either contact your health fund or visit us for a consultation and we can give you an accurate quote showing how much cover you get from your health funds.

Payment plans

We work in conjunction with Humm to offer you repayments that can be paid off Fortnightly up to 30 months.

Simply use our calculator below to get an estimate on how what repayments to expect.

Run the numbers with humm


The repayment amount does not include a Monthly Fee of $8 which applies to payment plans 5 months or greater, for both 'Little things' and 'Big things'. Only a single monthly fee will be charged regardless of the number of active payment plans you have. For 'Big things' purchases, an establishment fee of $35 - $90 will also apply if you are new to humm or a $22 additional purchase fee if you've used humm before. A Bill Transaction Fee of $2 applies to all BPAY transactions and will be collected with the first payment. This fee will not apply to any other type of purchase.