Guided Surgery

What is guided surgery?

Previously, dentists depended on their own skill to place dental implants, but computer-guided dental implants enable accurate placement. Due to the proximity of bone, nerves, and other systems in the jaw, it is crucial that the implant is put in the correct area.
If you imagine keyhole surgery, then the DIO digital navigation implant system does exactly that, but for your teeth!

With traditional implants, the current practice is as follows:

  • Open up the flaps of the gums
  • Drill down into the bone
  • Insert the implant and stitch up the flaps.

Alternatively, with the DIO navi system, small holes are drilled through the gum and into the bone. using computerised surgical guides. These take into account the safest positioning for both implant depth and trajectory. Your DIO implants are then inserted exactly into the holes, meaning:

  • No sutures
  • Little or no bleeding and
  • Less risk of infection.
  • Shorter recovery time

A video of how guided surgery works:

As a result, DIO navi implants are suitable for many patients with diabetes or high blood pressure or indeed those people with systemic (organ or tissue) disease.

What’s more, DIO implant surgery takes on average 15-20 minutes for a single tooth implant and, depending on patient condition, they could also benefit from immediate abutment/crown placement – otherwise known as immediate loading.

DIOnavi is a 100% Digital Implant procedure from diagnosis to implantation.

We combine CBCT Xrays and Intraoral scanning data to create 3D simulations and allows us to make a surgical implant guide, which allows us to place implants more precisely and safely than ever before.

DIOnavi. is

Minimized tolerance error

Our long drill tube design minimizes tolerance error. * Tolerance error = 0.859˚

Adjustable offset

DIOnavi. straight drills can be used for different offsets, which makes it the perfect system for narrow anterior or thick tissues.

Perfect torque for every bone

Profile Drills and Final Drills allows you to determine the actual bone density from the beginning.

Metal Sleeves

Metal sleeves prevent the surgical guide from chipping during drilling.

Anti-Bone Heating

Needle instrument cools from the bottom of the socket.


Low-RPM Drilling

Sharp blades allow drilling under 100 rpm, preventing bone heating.


Easy reach to posterior region

Short Guide Drill allows convenient surgery in cases of limited mouth opening.


Unlimited range of indications

DIOnavi. allows easy and precise surgery for various difficult indications such as sinus lift, immediate placement after extraction, edentulous case, etc.

Who can benefit from
digital implant DIOnavi.?

Why is DIOnavi. SPECIAL?

3D Digital Oral scanner

Instead of traditional impressions, a 3D scan of your teeth and jaw is done with a state of the art modern Trios scanner.

Accurate and safe procedure

We combine the data from your 3D X-rays and your 3D scan and formulate a treatment plan using AI technology and computer aided formulas that allow us to plan the dental implant in the optimum position and angulation.

Implant planning based on 3D simulations

The 3D computer simulation allows us to visualise where the future teeth are going to be and what they look like.

Minimally invasive surgery

In some scenarios DIONavi surgery can be very minimally invasive, as only a small keyhole punch is required over the gums at the implant site. There is minimal bleeding, downtime, pain or swelling and so you recover quickly!

What is guided surgery?

DIOnavi. determines the optimal path for implant and guides precise placement

where every treatment plan is customized for patient's individual oral condition.


Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

A treatment plan is made through a professional consultation and diagnosis. We then acquire a 3D CBCT X-ray and 3D oral digital scan.


3D simulation

DIOnavi 3D artificial intelligence and computer aided design will allow us to visualise the implant surgery beforehand.


Guided implant surgery

The implants can be placed now using DIOnavi surgical guided system.


Temporary crown placement and osseointegration

Depending on circumstances we can potentially load the dental implants with a temporary crown straight away meaning you don’t have to wait for a tooth!


Scanning of the implant

After 3-4months we will take another 3D digital oral scan to capture the shape of the gums and position of the implant.


Insertion of the final crown

We then insert the final ceramic crown that is designed to fit your bite and teeth.

How much does guided surgery cost?

At Queensland Dental Implants, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our costs. For an accurate quote please book a consultation with one of our dentists to enquire more about your specific situation.