Types Of Teeth Implants

Are missing teeth getting in the way between you and your smile? Whether you want one or more teeth replaced, teeth implants are an effective and permanent solution for restoring the smile.

Missing teeth can affect your smile, confidence, speech, muscle tone and face shape, ability to chew, and oral health.

Teeth implants are simple yet delicate treatments. We have a specialist implantologist in our Queensland dental implants clinic, and we aim to give our best to make your smile more beautiful.

Importance of teeth implants

The importance of teeth implants cannot be neglected. An increasing number of people are looking for the benefits of dental implants.

After a dental implant, Metal posts become your new tooth root and are surgically inserted into your mouth. Implants can make oral health better.

Tooth loss is unusual tooth loss either due to injury or disease and causes teeth problems. This gap becomes a repository for microbial growth and bacterial infections, which could get serious if it extends the digestive system.

Tooth loss can adversely affect a person if left untreated, like speech aberrations, distorted face and facial expressions, which can also affect the body.

Teeth implants stand out because they do more than replace lost teeth; they can stimulate natural teeth’ function, feel, and look. Teeth restored with dental implants provide people with a renewed ability to chew food correctly, speak clearly, and have the confidence to smile.

importance of teeth implants

Types of teeth implant

As you know, losing a tooth can be a painful experience, impacting confidence and affecting the ability to speak and eat.

Teeth implants can make your smile more beautiful. Without treatment, missing teeth can cause dental issues. Here are the types of teeth implants:

types of teeth implants

1 . Single teeth implants

A dental implant is the most straightforward way to restore the stability and freshness of the mouth. Single implants are suggested as a replacement when a tooth is misplaced or needs to be removed.

The artificial teeth are made from titanium. The implant is placed deep into the bone.

single teeth implants

2 . Multiple teeth implants

Multiple implants are quite similar to single tooth implants with few variations like the number of tooths being various. Usually, a couple of teeth implants can hold up to 5 or 6 lost teeth. In short, a multiple teeth implant is an artificial implant of more than one tooth.

The prime difference between multiple teeth implants and single-tooth implants is that a bridge is used when multiple teeth are involved.

This special type of bridge is only used when teeth implants are needed to support it rather than natural teeth, increasing the teeth implant cost a bit more.

An implant will be inserted into each gap, and the bridge will be installed on top after the implants fuse with the jaw bone.

Advantages of teeth implants

A dental implant’s most significant advantage is that it looks and functions like a natural tooth. You’ll be able to chew and floss like regular teeth.

The teeth implant helps maintain bone in your jaw, and you won’t have to worry about facial sagging like you could face with a missing tooth.

In addition, implants give patients the confidence to smile, eat, and engage in social activities. Some significant advantages are as follows.

  • Natural look and comfortable fit
  • Long-lasting and reliable.
  • High success rate.
  • Improved ability to eat and chew.
  • Enhanced facial and bone features.
multiple teeth implants

At Queensland Dental, our teeth implant dentists have undergone specialised training to perform this kind of treatment and all variations of implant-related therapies, including single and multiple implants.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you with missing teeth and gives you the confidence to look good and confident.

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