The Impact of Smoking on your teeth


Smoking is considered to be one of the main risk factors for many diseases that hurt different human systems. The relationship between smoking and respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disorders, and cancer has been documented; however, it is also essential to address its significant influence on oral health. From immediate effects to chronic consequences, we will be […]

Tips on how to reduce your anxiety when visiting the dentist

Many people consider a visit to the dentist as an anxiety cause. The unfamiliar sounds, the clinical surroundings, and the fear of experiencing discomfort all contribute to dental anxiety. But still, it becomes necessary to adopt some strategies to keep oral health on the priority list for overall well-being. To understand how these strategies fall […]

Soft, Medium, Hard: How do I determine which toothbrush is right for me?

How to determine which toothbrush is right for me? Toothbrushes are designed in several bristle types, sizes, and shapes to select from. It is important to know how to choose the best toothbrush. The bristle stiffness should be one of the top priorities when choosing a toothbrush. Bristle types for toothbrushes include soft, medium, and […]